To the world writers, especially writers for children

This is an appeal about the vanity of appeals.

Leaders of the civilized countries of the whole world, international organizations, senators and high representatives, journalists are calling and shouting for the opening of Lachine Corridor, but a self-confident ruler does not care about all that. How can we save their honor? By his order on the corridor between Republic of Artsakh and Armenia built a dragon-checkpoint, which is the only internationally accepted connection confirmed by the agreement of  November 9, 2020,  guarded by Russian peacekeepers. It does not allow going in and out. For more than seven months, the people of Artsakh have been gripped by hunger. A 68 year-old sick man is kidnapped from the car of the International Red Cross. With the persistence of the medieval inquisition, they lit a fire in all humanist souls. The ICRC looks confused and powerless at the closed checkpoint. One more crying homeless.

Themis, the goddess of justice, closes her closed eyes with double, triple, quadruple, hundredfold ribbons, so as not to see the contemptuous, trampling, and hand-wringing attitude of Azerbaijan towards the judgment of the UN International Court of Justice. Poor Themis! The crime is there, the punishment is not, the trial is there, the judgment is not.

The tripartite meetings (with the participation of the EU, Armenia, Azerbaijan, then Russia and then the USA) end, and Aliyev continues in the same anti-Armenian style, by his order they shoot at the borders and positions of Artsakh and Armenia, and at agriculturists. He is allegedly a supporter of peace, but at the same time, Baku state TV is showing a film about Western Azerbaijan, which is actually about Armenia. How to believe in this two-faced policy, whose master-educator is Turkey, the unpunished  implementer of the famous Armenian Genocide? Using the method of threats, harassment and real shootings, they are trying to push the people of Artsakh out of their native places and then cross over to Armenia. This tragicomedy is being staged before the eyes of the world; for us it is a tragedy, for others it is a comedy. Lies, deceit, and indifference hover over these territories like a viper.

I am sure you will not allow this sloppiness of evil over kindness to enter your lines, and if it does, it will be severely punished in the end.

However, in the real world, Themis puts a blindfold on her eyes so as not to see the scenes of suffering of 120,000 native people of Artsakh, including 30,000 children and 2,000 pregnant women. God bless, the children will be born. What will they scream in the ears of this justice, this world and writers, especially  writers for children, perhaps this: show the ruthless leaders a short and simple way to be human, for the faith of living under the sun by love. Whether any ruler listens or not, a writer like Themis should not close her eyes and ears, with the naive conviction that good will win over the evil.

Dear pen pals of the world, let us together save the dignity of the UN, EU, PACE and other international organizations, countries and journalists, especially the ICRC, which is crying like a child.